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“Michele Brown was the listing agent on my multimillion-dollar home in El Segundo, California. I’ve never seen anyone work as diligently as she and her team did. Michele knew every possible angle to sell a house as quickly and efficiently as possible. She’s very personable and charmed people with her very southern accent and award-winning smile. Her team didn’t give the sale 100% but more like 200%. It was a very enjoyable association that I would recommend to anyone looking to sell their home.

They’re always #1 in my books and I’ll tell the world.”

Ro Sweat

El Segundo, CA


“Thank you Thank you Thank you for all your help!! We are very excited to get our FIRST dream home!!

We LOVE our house!!!

During transaction, you were always there for us. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and being  just the way you are: “PERFECT!”

“You did a great job managing a difficult process and difficult clients. You treated us extraordinarily well! You listened to us, handled our inquiries in a timely and professional manner. Thank you so much The Real Estate Professionals!! We are very excited!  WooHoo!!“

Victoria & Michael Vos

Studio City, CA




Where do I even begin?!? Jennifer Goldstein was the most AMAZING realtor. I had two other realtors prior to her and there is absolutely no comparison. I truly feel so blessed to have found someone like her. I will be a LIFETIME client. I met Jennifer at an Open House for a listing she had. When I met her the first thing I said to my mom was “If I didn’t currently have a realtor she would be my realtor.” Little did I know, weeks later I found myself in a position where I had to find someone with a little more drive to help me in my home buying journey. She instantly came to mind and it was the best decision I made. She is wise, and very honest, but still has such an amazing personality. She is warm, welcoming, and insightful. She has such a great knowledge of the market. She takes care of business and is persistent. She is on top of paperwork, deadlines, and is easily accessible. I honestly couldn’t tell you one thing she needs improvement on. I went through a very exhausting program and she made it so much easier. She is a great team player and I am just beyond thankful for her and everything she has done for me. You can’t go wrong selecting her as your relator, her actions will show you better than I ever could explain.”

Carlee P

Los Angeles, CA


“Thank you for your professional guidance and kind leadership in helping me to sell my home. The experience was above my expectations. You pre-qualified candidates and helped me to make very difficult decisions. I consider this sale God led and blessed. Your team stepped up to the plate and made the whole process a pleasant and fun success! Thank you Michele for all of your hard work I learned a lot from you while fulfilling my dream of helping other to live their dream in my home. May God bless and protect you all.”

Dee S.

Torrance, CA




“Michele Brown and Jennifer Goldstein,

Thank you, ladies for all you’ve done. It was our pleasure to be able to work with the Keller Williams and RPM Mortgage team. The two-team combined is a solid example of a ridiculously powerful collaboration. Your professionalism, and excellent client satisfaction is more than Sothea and I can ask for. During any process there will be bumps and curve balls. We cannot ask for a more catering team. Thank you for your patience, hard work and knowledge in the industry. We would not be able to experience this moment without your support.”

Peichi and Sothea Pho

Sylmar, CA




“Thank you so much for your hard work during this process. Even staying up until 2a.m. getting our counter-offer right! Your dedication and commitment is incredible and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I meet who is in the market, or thinking about getting into it. Thank you again!!”

Chloe & Dan Neufeldt

Torrance, CA




Dear Michele,

You are a great Realtor! Since we met at the condo until the day escrow closed you were always available to us for anything we needed.  You made your handyman available, he worked on condo items and did an excellent job.  You gave us the building code for the electrical, plumbing items to be corrected, which we hired an electrician/contractor to do.  When we finally did hire you to sell our parents’ home, you continued to give us your expertise & advise. You worked with the homeowner’s association on our behalf scheduling repairs the HOA needed to make, you clearly communicated the buyer’s responses and the counter offers and the escrow instructions to us.  I appreciate your knowledge and good sense.  I would be happy to refer you anyone and we look forward to working with again.  Thank you.

Elaine McCain

San Pedro, CA




“I don’t remember ever being as impressed as I was by you and your team today. You are so knowledgeable & so forthcoming with the information and knowledge that you have. It is few and far between that I ever connect with somebody who is such a straight shooter and I really value that. I want to say Thank You. I appreciate so much how you helped us.”

Erin  Lovejoy

Redondo Beach, CA